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Become part of Support staff personnel

Accounting & Administration


Support Staff Personnel fulfill a variety of different roles. He/She might have a position as an Administrative Assistant, a role in Human Resources, Accounting, Marketing, or any other variety of positions that become available. In all support roles the individual must multitask as they attend to telephone calls, while working on the computer, and recording information of the client at the same time. They also may interact in face to face conversations, for which they are required to be knowledgeable and polite.




As various positions become available, you can expect to see a job description per each specific opportunity. This will include duties and special skills required.

As always, please feel free to submit a resume if you have experience in accounting, human resources, office management, administrative arenas, and/or marketing and advertising.


Even if there are no current openings, we will keep your resume on file for a potential opening.

If you are interested in a Support Staff position with Nesbit Agencies, Inc., please submit your resume.
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