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Contractors and Construction

Insurance Plans for Contractors:

  • Home builders and remodelers

  • Non-residential & industrial construction

  • HVAC and mechanical contractors

  • Road construction & paving

  • Concrete & masonry

  • Water, sewer & utilities

  • Excavators

  • Electrical & plumbing

We support a variety of contractor businesses by finding tailored insurance solutions.  Common coverages include:
  • Bonds

  • Builder's Risk

  • Property:  Buildings and storage spaces

  • Professional liability insurance:  Provides protection against liability claims due to negligence, poor advice, or recommended services that result in a loss to clients.

  • General liability insurance: Covers property damage, bodily injury, and many other general liability risks.

  • Commercial vehicle insurance:  Coverage is similar to personal automotive insurance but is
    specifically for commercial vehicles and drivers.

  • Workers’ compensation:  Required in all states.  This covers job-related injuries

To find out more on any of these programs or to request a quote, contact Wayne Nesbit, or complete a contact form below.


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