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Become a Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representatives

An insurance customer service representative acts as an interface between the insurance firm and its customers, bridging the gap between the two with his/her presence and service. He/she deals with customers and clients of every stature and in every form of relationship with the company, therefore it is one of the most critical jobs. They multitask as they attend to telephone calls while working on the computer and taking down client information at the same time. They also make face to face conversations for which they must be polite and knowledgeable. CSRs must always be ready to answer doubts and queries.



Duties and Responsibilities

  • Respond to customer problems and put forth plausible solutions.

  • Communicate quotes and statements to customers regarding policies, costs, consequences and obligations.

  • Keep records of interactions with customers and transactions with parties through individual follow ups.

  • Raise prospective topics of doubt among the corporate forum for clarification.

  • Store and save information in the computer hardware for future reference and working within the database.

  • Remain informed about conception and modification of policies to provide information to others.



Skills and Specifications

  • Verbal skills to converse with customers, answer their queries, and convey company policies.

  • Language skills make up for the difficulties faced while communicating with customers who are not well-versed in English.

  • Presence of typing and computer skills allows the individual to handle computer and software sagaciously.

  • Writing skills play a key role in documenting and compiling information while spelling and grammar skills facilitate emailing information to clients.

  • Overall familiarity with the insurance industry and its working components.

If you are interested in a CSR position with Nesbit Agencies, Inc., please submit your resume.
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