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Habitational Insurance

Unique and customized insurance plans for your condominium, townhouse or apartment

Take a look at your beautiful home and imagine if it was destroyed by a fire or tornado.  Does your insurance policy really provide enough coverage to replace everything?

In addition to coverages typically found on a condominium or townhome homeowner’s policy, you need to consider added protection like:
  • "All-risk" coverage for things like alterations you’ve made, and fixtures and appliances that are part of your condo or townhouse

  • Coverage for property or liability loss assessments from your association

  • Coverage for your jewelry and other valuable items

If you are a renter, we offer comprehensive policy options for your apartment as well.


Customized programs are available from our carrier partners like West Bend. More information is available here.

To find out more on any of these programs or to request a quote, contact Wayne Nesbit, or complete a contact form below:

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