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How New Changes Could Upend Minnesota Healthcare

One undeniable aspect of the American healthcare industry is the dramatic difference between insurance markets from state to state. With the implementation of the Affordable Care Act, this has become even more pronounced. Unfortunately, this is even more frustrating for stakeholders and policymakers than it is for even the average citizen.

Minnesota, thus far, has been one of the best examples of a healthcare market that bucks the national trends. UnitedHealth Group helps to illustrate that point very well. The carrier is the nation’s largest health insurer, but it is only the fifth-largest in Minnesota despite the fact that it is the largest public company headquartered in the state.

Recent developments and policies looming on the horizon, however, could be well on the way to nullifying the quirks that make the Minnesota healthcare system what it is today. That nullification could significantly disrupt market share as well. Over the last few decades, state law has limited the ability of out-of-state and for-profit insurers to operate in Minnesota. This has led to a market that was primarily dominated by regional nonprofits.

Recently, lawmakers began to lift those limitations. Subsequently, for-profit insurers are moving in quickly and aggressively. Even UnitedHealth Group is posting strong off-exchange commercial enrollment growth in Minnesota despite overall declines statewide.

So what does this mean for you as a business owner? What might it mean for the state healthcare system as a whole? Only time will tell. What is clear is that the way things have been done until now isn’t going to remain the status quo for much longer. In an ideal world, the system would continue as it has in the past and thrive as it has shown that it can do. Unfortunately, we don’t live in an ideal world.

To find out how these changes might affect your business, give us a call. We have professionals on staff who have been navigating the systems as they have been in the past and who understand what the recent changes might mean moving forward. Contact Steve at 952-746-43655 or for more information.

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