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On the Road? Get Protection

Very few things bring the thrill and excitement of riding a motorcycle. That stands true whether you use your bike as a daily rider or you are looking to become the next Jack Kerouac and go on a cross-country adventure. As with everything, though, there are some precautions one should take before jumping on that bike and riding off into the great unknown. Health and safety are one consideration, and probably the one that springs to mind immediately. The other, of course, is insurance.

Just as a jumping off point, most states require liability insurance for motorcycle owners. As with other vehicles, this insurance covers the injuries or damage that may be caused to another individual if you are at fault in an accident. States have minimums, but it almost always pays to go above and beyond those (especially considering the low cost of most liability insurance).

Beyond that, there are a number of other coverage options available, including the following:

  • Personal Injury Protection: This is meant to cover medical bills for you, any passengers you may have, or any pedestrians that may be injured in an accident, no matter who is found to be at fault.

  • Collision: Damage to the motorcycle is covered (minus deductible) if resulting from a collision.

  • Comprehensive: Used to cover losses to motorcycles occurring from things other than collisions (such as theft).

  • Medical Payments: This isn’t available in every state, but it is meant to cover your medical bills. It does not, however, cover lost wages or other costs like personal injury protection would.

There are some add-on options available as well, such as trip interruption coverage, roadside assistance, transport trailer coverage, and coverage for custom parts. Which of these, if any, you may want or need is, of course, up to you. They are not required and are often not even necessary, but that doesn’t mean that they aren’t nice to have around when you actually do find yourself needing them.

Your motorcycle is important to you and so is your health. Before you decide to go out for a joy ride, why not take the time to make sure you are covered in the event that something happens? Even the safest cyclist in the world can’t control every variable, especially other drivers, and when you only have your clothes and a helmet to protect you, the peace of mind that you have the coverage you need is worth every penny.

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