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Providing Options for Each Business and Individual
We Have Contracts with Over 75 Carriers Covering Multiple Lines of Business

All areas of our commercial division, Producer, Customer Service, Claims, and Marketing come together to handle your policy.  


We know that every individual, family and situation is different, that's why we provide our clients access to products and services from the top national and regional insurance carriers.


Our goal is to ensure you have plans that are current and looking to the future, but more importantly, that specifically fit your particular needs and circumstances.

life & health
We work with farmers like you to help them identify the risks on their farm and then design a policy to ensure the operation is fully protected.  

Our clients are provided with a complete and logical solution of management and consulting, program and risk management, employee benefits, financial services and technical expertise.

Film & Production

Unique and customized insurance plans for your condominium, townhouse or apartment


We realize your top priority is ensuring your residents are given exceptional care and the opportunity to enjoy the highest quality of life possible, and it's important to be covered so you can do so.

assisted living

From the family-owned restaurant to the national franchise, we provide coverage for a variety of restaurant types.


 We understand the unique challenges municipalities and counties face every day. Our dedicated team of experts can provide flexible, intelligent and competitive insurance solutions.

Municipality Coverages
Construction Engineer

We have access to an extensive line of insurance programs for contractors working in a variety of trades and industries.

Mechanic at Work

 From auto repair to auto maintenance to body work,  our dedicated team of experts can provide flexible, intelligent and competitive insurance solutions for your business.

Large Garden

 We support the green industry with a variety of insurance programs tailored to the needs of each specific business.

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